You've Got That Right

You Got That RightSet in an urban high school environment, this series targets the attention of high school students and strengthens their core knowledge and understanding of the United States Bill of Rights. The historical background, creation and development of the Bill of Rights is presented in an engaging way that captures the attention of the viewer. In presenting the history of this living document, the students can see the connection it has to their daily lives. This strong series provides a stimulus for critical thinking skills and motivates the viewer to think about their individual rights and responsibilities as outlined and stated in the Bill of Rights. Capturing universal interest since citizens' rights and their protection is a global concern among all ages.

Topics Covered:

  • The Bill of Rights: An Overview
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Search and Seizure
  • Self Incrimination: Are We Protected?
  • The Bill of Rights in the Future

Targeted Age Group - Secondary, Grades 9 - 12