The Clyde Frog Show

Clyde Frog ShowThe Clyde Frog Show is a delightful series that is strongly designed to address and equip younger children in understanding their own feelings and attitudes with respect to themselves and others. Each program contains an age-appropriate dramatization of typical events in the life of a child followed by a talk show segment from Clyde the Frog Show. All of the puppet characters in the stories appear as guests on the talk show to discuss their feelings. Common issues and events of childhood such as Cooperating, Making Decisions, Being Scared, Friends and others are explored in a decisive and understandable manner by Clyde and his guests. Young viewers are able to identify with the topics as well as see solutions and strategies that are clear and engaging.

Topics Covered:

  • Big and Little
  • What Am I Good At?
  • Boys/Girls Are Supposed To...
  • It Hurts to Be Left Out
  • What's So Funny?
  • Being Scared
  • Clyde Stays Up Late
  • Dr. Frog's Birthday Present
  • Sincere Camera
  • All By Myself
  • Keeping up with your Stuff
  • Cooperating
  • Look What I Can Do!
  • Can't Do It Yet
  • Worrying
  • Friends
  • Doing Things Right
  • Clyde's Dinner Party
  • Making Decisions
  • Doing What You Think Is Right
  • Why Am I Punished?
  • Suzy's Test
  • Max's Story
  • Mrs. Mulch's Story
  • When Your Friend Moves Away
  • End-of-the-Year Blues
  • Clyde's Favorite Toy
  • Putting It All Together

Target Age Group: K - 3rd Grade