David HopperDavid Hopper

David Hopper has over 30 years experience in media business. With a background in news, sales and production Hopper put two stations on air and was one of the first FOX affiliates in the country. While managing stations he was involved with co-production work on both network news magazines and syndicated programming. Hopper has written several screenplays and produced and co-wrote a direct to video film that was distributed in Spain.

A licensed instructor and certified online instructor with a keen understanding of educational requirements Hopper is uniquely qualified to develop and distribute education programming to an international marketplace.

Hopper Educational Media operates as a distributor of educational media to an international market. With agreements in place HEM currently has twenty series that focus on preschool through postsecondary education.

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The team at HEM has experience in classroom instruction, curriculum development and in-depth knowledge of international curriculum standards. We have a long history of media experience and solid relationships with producers of educational media content.

Our Mission:
HEM's mission is to provide the world with quality educational media that is engaging, uplifting and life changing. HEM through its media offerings seeks to effect change in education throughout the world and to provide the youth of the world with educational media that meets the highest standards.