Hopper Media Group is involved with the acquisition, development and production of creative content for delivery platforms currently in existence and those opportunities that will unfold as technology continues to evolve for the “global market”. The principal has developed creative contacts throughout his media career and will rely on those relationships as well as yet to be discovered talent in the creative process of developing product.


The content we are currently developing leverages social media and traditional broadcast in a way that creates an engagement experience unique to broadcasting. Audience and participants unite around popular activities central to their common experiences and via social media are linked together in order to create the end content product.

Social media is not an ancillary part of production, it is integral to the production process. New stars are discovered, segments within shows are developed and the fourth wall is shattered. It is still critical to create a solid storyline & drama around the social engagement. Our depth of knowledge of television concept development compliments the social media elements.

Brands can experience cross platform promotion of products & services, across both broadcast and all of the social media environments….via traditional television & mobile devices. This enables a much deeper engagement and greater potential for their message to break through to a much broader audience and most importantly….a more attentive, receptive audience.


Hopper Educational Media was formed to acquire, create, and distribute educational programming. Our current inventory was developed to meet international educational standards and covers the years from kindergarten through college. The programming is entertaining and enlightening, utilizing both real and digital hosts, unique characters, and of course children.

Our Emmy award winning programming covers a broad range of subjects relevant to today's students….from in-depth interviews with some of the world's foremost writers to series that deal with problems facing students in an ever-changing world. Hopper Educational Media is at the forefront of internationally distributed educational programming.