Mandar BamMandar Bam

Mandar Bam has years of experience in film/television production and content creation in India . He has been involved in production of an array of National and International media content in various categories of TVC (Television Commercials), Documentaries, Reality Shows & Events. Apart from this, he has also been involved in writing for Film & Television series development background.

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David HopperDavid Hopper

David Hopper has over 30 years experience in media business. With a background in news, sales and production Hopper put two stations on air and was one of the first FOX affiliates in the country.

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Indian Film CrewIndia's rich artistic heritage combined with its status as the world's largest producer of films in an explosive growth market, creates a strong media business environment, full of opportunity. In partnership with Mandar Bam, HMG has the vision to develop, produce and distribute programming in India, the United States, and the world. A “media pipeline” with programming flowing between the United States and India has tremendous potential. Solid relationships with Indian production companies coupled with the ability to address key elements within Indian networks, HMG is poised to tap into what will soon be the most populated marketplace in the world while at the same time utilizing the highly skilled production resources that India has to offer.

As the leader of HMG Indian Operations Mandar Bam not only knows the ins and outs of television, commercial and film production but is someone who has a clear vision of the importance media plays in the viewer's lives.


KidsScavenger Nation© takes an American concept, combines it with a proven reality show formula and is ground-breaking in the way it integrates web based technology into the television program.

Organic advertising plays a significant role in the execution of Scavenger Nation©. This will ensure that advertisers will see the advantages inherent in partnering with the show.

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