Write Channel

Write ChannelWrite Channel is a fun, timeless series that builds a strong foundation for the development of prolific and confident young writers. The story line weaves around a young television reporter, R.B. Bugg, who is an emerging writer. R. B. Bugg has a challenge as a young writer; although he does not suffer from "writer's block" but does struggle with developing his short, choppy sentences into a complete story. Red Green, the television station's news director, comes to the R.B.'s rescue with just the "write" advice. Ms. Green shows R.B. how to combine and improve his sentences, imparting skills and confidence to the young writer. By word animation sequences, young viewers see a gloved hand moving words, combining words and making appropriate changes in capitalization and punctuation. A complete scenario of grammatical and mechanical lessons is explored in an engaging and direct manner that makes viewers want to pick up their pen and write their own stories. Inclusive of over thirty grammar and writing guidelines.

Topics Covered:

  • Use of "and", capital letters, periods
  • Adjectives, capital letters, periods
  • "And" and "but", commas
  • "When," "where", and "how", capital letters, commas
  • Adj. clauses, questions marks, exclamation points
  • Prepositional phrases, commas
  • Subordinate conjunctions, capitalization
  • Subordinate conjunctions, apostrophes
  • Infinitives, participial phrases, apostrophes
  • Appositives, commas
  • Series of phrases and clauses
  • Noun clauses, capitalization

Targeted Age Group: 3rd - 6th Grade