Posie Paints

Posie PaintsPosie Paints is a story told by a young artist as she literally creates and expands her own "craft" on canvas and other media. Through a combination of live action and animation, this series teaches the basics of visual arts. Using the works of well-known artists, the basic elements of design are made concrete and demonstrated. Concepts of line, shape and form, color, value, texture and space are defined and explored. The viewers are then challenged to use the same skills in creating their own "masterpieces".

Basic knowledge and the skills associated with visual arts are brought into focus by the literal teaching methods of the young artist, Posie. Engaging, high energy vignettes support presented concepts and ideas. An expected pause time for support questioning takes the learner to a deeper level of understanding of concepts and correlated examples. This series "paints" a clear picture of basic visual arts that lends itself to further inquiry by the viewer.

Topics Covered:

  • Line
  • Shape and Form
  • Color
  • Value
  • Texture
  • Space

Target Age Group: 1st - 5th Grade