Geo ScoutGeoscout literally explores and builds the viewer's sense and concept of place by presenting basic geography concepts through the venues of fun songs, exciting visuals and engaging characters. The characters are an eclectic mix of people, puppets and animation, appealing to the younger viewer. The characters of Dr. Ticktock, Funnybones, Mrs. Stuffynuff, and Sarah guide viewers through a maze of adventures including a treasure hunt, an encounter with a lost explorer, a fun trip to the zoo and a tour of an actual state in the United States. Specific topics covered are location, maps, landforms and understanding place. These adventures instill a sense of becoming an "explorer" who knows where he or she is going and how to get there!

Topics Covered:

  • A Bird's Eye View / Location
  • The Grid Game / Maps
  • Land and How We Use It / Land Forms
  • My Home is the Place for Me

Target Age Group: K - 3rd Grade