BB's Cover the Globe

BB's Cover the GlobeThis social studies/geography series instills strong, basic map and globe skills for the primary grade levels. The lessons spin around the fun and entertaining adventures of Breezy Barnhill, Super Salesman and most importantly, Bartholomew... the nine year old assistant to Super Salesman. Each "adventure" involves the presentation and application of a specific map, globe or geography skill. The story lines stir the viewer's imagination and create an interest for future cartographers. The young viewer's sense of place is captured and set as they learn basic skills that form the foundation for future advanced geography studies. A must for all elementary students in understanding and mapping out their place on the globe.

Topics Covered:

  • Map-Making Skills
  • Concepts of Maps and Globes
  • Cardinal Directions
  • Devising Map Symbols: Reinforcing Cardinal
  • Directions
  • Map Scales
  • Interpreting Map Symbols
  • Map-Making Skills
  • Topographic Features I
  • Topographic Features II
  • Interpreting Political Maps
  • Interpreting Weather Maps
  • Introducing Paralles and Meridians

Target Age Group: 3rd - 5th grade