PostscriptsThis series presents an interesting and strong presentation of significant Southern writers who have contributed to the literary picture of America. Older students have the opportunity to "listen" to and visit with twelve Southern writers of novels, short stories, poetry, essays, plays, and nonfiction works. Through this venue, the viewer is given the opportunity to hear the writers actually discuss their works. The presentation crosses geographical and time boundaries as the literary works of these authors continually relate globally.

Authors Included:

  • Shelby Foote
  • Eudora Welty
  • Barry Hannah
  • Margaret Walker Alexander
  • Ellen Douglas
  • Elizabeth Spencer
  • Ellen Gilchrist
  • Willie Morris
  • Richard Ford
  • Thomas Hal Phillips
  • James Whitehead
  • Fredrick Barthelme

Targeted age group-- Upper secondary, grades 11 and 12