Weather Matrix

Weather MatrixWeather Matrix is a series of presentations in earth science focusing on climate and weather as well as the forces that shape and affect the earth's climate and resulting weather systems. The straight forward and exciting lessons are presented by on-camera narrator Julius Cain. Julius uses models, simple demonstrations, animation and film to immerse the viewer in and out of clouds, rain, and intense weather conditions and patterns. The primary objectives are the cause and effect of weather which lends itself to a more scientific approach to forecasting weather and climate analysis. From the introduction of basic weather systems to the complexity of the atmosphere's composition keeps the viewers' interest. The target viewer groups are upper middle school and early high school. Solid scientific concepts are explained and applied throughout the presentations.

Topics Covered:

  • The Weather
  • Exploring Weather and Climate: Atmosphere
  • Heat Balance
  • Ways of the Wind
  • Atmosphere in Motion
  • Water in the Air
  • Clouds
  • Precipitation
  • Weather on the Rampage
  • Watches and Warnings
  • Climate
  • Weather Wisdom
  • Measuring Weather
  • Forecasting
  • Climate Modification

Targeted Age Group: 7th - 12th Grade