BioscopeBioscope brings to the viewer a visual presentation of the composition, function and interaction of living things within the specific environment of which they live. The life forms explored and discussed in the program include the largest of whales to the smallest single-celled plants and animals. Students are encouraged to explore their own place and position within the biosphere. Intentional open-ended questions and "think time" are built into each program section, this offers the viewers opportunity to respond and discuss what has been presented.

Basic as well as extended living systems topics are specifically explored and discussed. Excellent concept presentations for middle school and early high school.

Topics Covered:

  • Bioscope: The Life Series
  • Cells
  • The World of Living Things
  • Where Plants and Animals Live
  • Adaptation
  • The Natural Balance
  • Endangered Species
  • Frontiers n the BIosphere

Targeted Age Group: Middle School to Early High School