Mia’s Music

Mia's MusicMia’s Music is a delightful, engaging series that focuses on the story of a young musician/composer who through her own musical endeavors weaves a story that targets the basics of music education by conceptual and actual examples. The concepts and study skills are carried across the curricular of reading, math and language arts. The young viewer will be introduced to inquiry based learning involving correlated thought patterns, processing and sequencing, as well as problem solving and deductive thinking skills. The presentation pops with live action and animation, appealing to the different learning styles of viewers.

Citar PlayersBasic and next level music knowledge is presented and explored. Classical and everyday examples are used to reinforce the core musical topics through application and inquiry related to the common landscapes and environments of all children. This series is captivating and relative across several age groups. It leaves everyone singing their own song of musical concepts and applications.

Target Age Group: Grades 1 – 5